Giant Beast Man Update – Is There Finally Proof of Giants?

Back in January I was contacted concerning the possibility that there was a “giant beast man” buried on their property (read that post here). They told me that they’d been in contact with other people concerning the matter, and then suddenly all contact just stopped. Emails weren’t returned and the blog seemed to be abandoned.

Is there finally hard evidence of giants as mentioned in Genesis?

I’d forgotten all about it until early this morning when I received an email telling me that they’d followed through with the dig, and may have DNA evidence. I’m sharing this with you now, and I’m going to say the same thing I said before: I’m still skeptical, but I want to see how this plays out because I’m definitely curious, and hopeful that it turns out to be real.
You can find the latest update, which includes a few new pics, on their blog (click here). I’m subscribed to the blog, and I’ll make sure to send updates as they come in. This could turn out to be an exciting few weeks if what they say is true.
Click here to read their blog.


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