What If We Prayed Christ “Clear Through”?


Editor’s Note: Do you pray Christ “clear through?” In this blog post, Steve Hall challenges us to pray the lordship of Jesus over everything we pray.

When I was about ten years old, my grandma told me that whenever I prayed, I should “pray clear through.”
This wasn’t just good advice then—it’s also good advice now. It seems we’re at a point in time when we ought to be praying “clear through.”

You’re probably already praying for many people and situations, but I’m going to suggest that through the end of this year, as many believers as possible unite in prayer for Christ’s lordship—his presence and rule—over every part of our lives, and over all other people, places, and situations the Holy Spirit gives us a burden to pray for.

It seems like almost everywhere I turn, there are needs and/or crises. I imagine you’re experiencing the same—frustration, sin, fear, violence, hopelessness, stress, pain, and disease abound. Mankind’s solutions are inadequate.

While we know that Christ is the only answer and hope, we don’t consistently place every person or situation into his hands. Why not?

For quite a few years, I’ve been studying who Christ is. He’s the Eternal God, Creator, and Sustainer of the Universe. He’s the Alpha and Omega, Radiance of God’s Glory, Savior of the World, Resurrection and the Life, King of kings, Lord of lords, and infinitely more.  As Peter says in Acts 10:36, “…Jesus Christ (he is Lord of all:)

In light of his limitless authority in Matthew 18:20, and many other places in the Bible, it seems like we, and the whole Church of 2016, must pray to the Lord Jesus Christ something like what Moses said to God in Exodus 33:18: “…shew me thy glory.

I believe the Father and the Spirit want the glory of Christ to be resoundingly revealed now to the Church and to the lost and dying on every inch of the earth.
Along these lines, please think with me:

• What will the Spirit do in the life of someone you know who has a dire need (cancer, addiction, marriage crisis, homelessness, loss of a loved one) if you continually prayed for Jesus Christ to be Lord of every part of their life?

• What will the Spirit do in the lives of your unsaved friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers if you continually prayed for Jesus to be Lord of every part of their lives?

• What will the Spirit do in your community if EVERY place you go in (or drive by or walk by) you begin praying for Jesus Christ to be Lord of every person who is associated with those places?

• What will the Spirit do in your church if every time you are involved with your church or ministry you pray that Jesus will be Lord of every person who is part of your church or ministry, including all the messages, worship times, Bible studies, feeding programs, meetings, etc.?
• What will the Spirit do if every time you hear or see anything about government officials (including the candidates for the U.S. presidency) that you pray for Jesus to be Lord of every part of their lives?

• What will the Spirit do if whenever you read or hear any news report or article (local, national or worldwide) you pray for Jesus to be Lord of every person involved? Just imagine how this could impact thousands or millions or even billions of people through the reigning King as he is sitting at the right hand of the Father!

I think if my grandma were writing this blog post, she might plead with us to “pray clear through” for Jesus Christ to be Lord of every person, place and situation because HE IS THE ONLY HOPE OF THE WORLD!

2 thoughts on “What If We Prayed Christ “Clear Through”?

  1. Never heard the term, “Pray through” at least when and how Jesus told us to pray. Most of the time when people ask us to pray, we say, “Sure, I’ll pray for you!” But what we are really saying is that we don’t want any responsibility….many time we see in the Bible, people not being prayed for but prayed over, being literally touched by another believer in the Lord. As for praying for certain people, I’ve heard it over and over again…”Pray for the President of the U.S.” Why??? So he will succeed….” Uh, I don’t want that either. I believe the correct way to pray is not “through” but whatever we ask, believing we receive; and we shall have it…” is the order of the day. How thorough can we be thank with a thankful heart, pray, and with prayer- pray like we are told by Jesus. Amen?


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