Sinister Black-Eyed Devil Children Make Appearance—Real Encounters From The Dark Side! LA Marzulli Tells All

Saturday, July 23 2016, 12:20


By Lisa Haven

The children approach silently, yet forcefully. They insist on coming inside your house to use your phone or get a drink of water. For some reason these children frighten you, and as your hand reaches up to open the door you see why. Their eyes are black, no iris, no whites, just an empty dark soulless void…

Tales of Black-Eyed children have been circling the globe since the late 1990′s and they are not your ordinary loving children, they are downright terrifying.

These demon children are reportedly the result of a breeding program between the Fallen Angels and human women, resulting in a Nephilim style hybrid which has a human body that cannot be distinguished from a true human being, other than when they choose to flash you their wicked black eyes. They have the ability to network their minds, they can read your mind, and they can read your emotions. They have also been known to shape shift and become invisible or morph their bodies into something else.

Believers of these hybrid species proclaim that they are at all levels of society: media, music, art, political, corporate, science, education, and government. They hid among us and serve the satanic agenda. Their plan is to lead as many people towards satan’s agenda as they can. They are out for your soul.

We are told in the Bible, that it would be like the days of Noah when Jesus returns and one of the main factors that differentiated the Days of Noah from any other, is the existence of the Nephilim.

I understand that some of you will listen to this and claim that there are no such beings, and their may not be, but I do believe that these sightings hold avid ground.

In the video below LA Marzulli explains more on these “Black-Eyed kids”…


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