5 Wicked Secular Media Cover Ups


11 August 2016
– by Jessilyn Justice

Prophet Rick Joyner issued a clarion call for faith-filled believers to take heed of the mainstream media cover-up.

In a new series on Facebook, the head of MorningStar Ministries says he will post five cover-ups at a time to reveal the “disgraceful media omissions” occurring on our watch.

In no particular order, he lists:

1) The Christian populations of Syria and Iraq being systematically wiped out while the Obama Admin refuses to let almost any Christians immigrate, only Muslims.
2) Hillary Clinton’s illegal handling of classified materials in her emails almost certainly got an Iranian spy killed, and likely endangered many more.
3) The VA spending over $100 million for art, and over $400 for solar power (that still isn’t working), while veterans were dying for lack of care.
4) The biggest government lie: the way the unemployment rate is now calculated at less than 5% when one third of employable Americans, over 93 million, are without a job.
5) The real and growing potential of ISIS to strike virtually anywhere in the world due to the Obama Admin’s gross miscalculations and tepid resolve in destroying ISIS.

His followers responded in droves. 
One fan posted: “I have never witnessed such blindness to evil, absolute deception … it’s mind blowing how many Americans don’t see and don’t care, it has to be as the Bible describes as ‘given over to a reprobate mind’.

Another commented: “Oh my… the violence just seems to get worse… something has to change and it has to change quickly. I honestly can’t wait until the blessings of God start flowing in America again and the world!

And another said: “Is it possible the media is ‘The False Witness’ that ushers in the anti-Christ? The truth doesn’t seem to matter to them much.

Article source: http://www.charismanews.com


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