Islam in America

June 5, 2017


In 622 AD, Muhammad and his band of followers who did not have much of any political power moved to a city called Yathrib [now renamed Medina, which in Arabic means the city of the prophet]. Yathrib had a thriving Jewish population who were quite well off. Muhammad moved from his tribe’s city of Mecca because he was not accepted in his role as a prophet or leader. In Medina, he gained power by multiple methods, some of which changed over time.

Islamic history is thus dated from the time of the immigration to Medina as it marks the turning point in Islamic history from being in an oppressed minority situation to becoming the majority in terms of religious, political, and military power. This pattern has repeated itself throughout history.

At present four Hijrah, (migration for Allah[1]), tactics are being used to gain control of certain areas, birth rates, immigration, and political systems and expulsion of non-Muslims from certain areas by numerical and sometimes dominance by force—think of the effect of documented rape-gangs), in areas of Great Britain.

In London England, terrorists struck again killing and injuring many. Their Prime Minister allowed Muslims to enter their nation without background checks, just as some wish to allow in the United States of America.

Maybe she believed she was doing the right thing. However, some of the citizens of England who believed in the ISIS way wanted to leave their mark and make a statement for ISIS.

Here in America, President Trump does not want another 911. He wants a travel ban, but the ninth circuit justices say he cannot.

My fear and many other Americans do too, is that without a travel ban we will end up like London where innocent people that were murdered at a concert by the murderous group, ISIS!

As we all know there have been murders in the United States by those who follow ISIS. Some traveled to the middle east to learn the ISIS way. Once home these citizens following ISIS’ belief killed Christians which they learned while in the middle east and from internet sites.

ISIS wants to abolish our Constitution and replace it with Shariah Law, (regulates public behavior, private behavior, and even private beliefs)[2]. What better way to reach that goal than to use the internet that the young view.

Adults, parents, teachers and professors need to take a stand and show ISIS and others that wish to destroy the United States that America is a free nation and will remain that way! This nation was given to us by God and we must do all we can to preserve this magnificent gift for the children as well as for ourselves.

If we do not stand behind our President in protecting this nation, then we could be taken over by many murderous groups. Are we the people of this great nation going stand up for the children and keep this nation free forever?

Our nation was built on the premise of a government that is governed, by the people not by politicians who wish to please the whole world. They do it under the guise of love and caring, but without learning who immigrants are that come here, where they come from and what their motives are.Americans stand up and need to count or watch this nation become no more.

Americans stand up and need to be counted or watch this nation become no more.




One thought on “Islam in America

  1. Well, if left unchecked; we may as a people, have to take up arms against many on different sides:foreign troops, etc, and other apparent threats to our way of life (secretly among us) and now muslims??? We will have to keep watch since politics are not either allowed to shut it down or unwilling to do so. When gov’t hands are tied, ours are not. I’m sure if the safety of our neighbors is in question, the American people will “take care” of business. The U.S. military (how convenient) is in other countries- we WILL have to defend this nation- be ready! It’s not a matter of if, but when.

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