Inside The Vatican

satan’s seed is identified as the “serpent”. Inside the Vatican we have two buildings constructed in the image of a snake; the Basilica and Paul VI Audience Hall.

The name basilica is connected to the Greek word “basiliskos” – the mythical Snake King. In ancient legends, the basilisk was a dragon that ruled the reptilian empire.

The Vatican itself is derived from the Latin “vates” which means “soothsayer”. In the book of Acts, Paul met a damsel possessed with a “spirit of divination”; a spirit that gave her mastery of the dark arts. The spirit of divination is literally translated “spirit of python” in the Greek and is connected to “divination” and the seat of the serpent is in Rome.

4436 Puthonos (pee’- thonos)

* From putho (the name of the region where Delphi, the seat of the famous oracle, was located) a python, i.e. (by analogy, with the supposed diviner there) inspiration (soothsaying) or witchcraft.


5 thoughts on “Inside The Vatican

  1. Well, this is not accurate. It states satan’s seat to be, Rome…or specific, Vatican, Rome. However, when we do a looksee we can find even in the Bible that satan’s seat reference is more accurately Greece/Greek; that along with Germany (who know holds that seat); it being moved from it’s original place in the Greek area. This information should give ALL students another agenda for looking at issues concerning those particular areas in the near future. Also, it’s other reference to Greek translations must also be questioned: and while all dark arts are connected to the devil, of whom we call “the serpent” we need to stay on tract and be more accurate regardless of the intent of the author. I didn’t have time to look at the Greek translation but maybe someone will, because calling (while it’s evil yes) the vatican “satan’s seat” is inaccurate; I would wonder how much more from this author is “slighted.”


    1. I have a Greek interlinear bible app and according to a KJO Greek teacher I’ve been learning Greek from, Scrivener’s Greek NT is an exact copy of the original Greek from which the KJV is translated from and the Greek word for serpent IS πυθωνος Puthonos (pi ipsilon theta omega nu omicron sigma)


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