Why should God’s Word be restricted to English?

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Jack: Because that’s another question we’re constantly getting. “Why should God’s word be restricted to English?

David: God has to pick a language. Just like He did in the beginning: He picked a people. He picked a man, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. He went through his family line. He brought us to Messiah. He set up the church, and only the church. Jesus is the Way, the only Way.

Jesus worked through languages. We have the Hebrew. We have the Greek. We have the Old Latin. And then we had the Germanic languages. And finally, God prepared another world language. And nobody can deny: English is that world language. And one reason is because of the preservation of the word.

This is something that God did. He could have picked anybody. This is just what He picked. And we’re blessed to speak English, praise God.

But I’m telling you: if you have a translation of God’s word that agrees, meaning for meaning with this Book, then you have the same words of God. That’s what God wanted in the first place: that all the Bibles in all the different languages would agree.

And by the way, pick whatever modern Bible you want. Even take an NIV and a Nueva Version Internacional, a Spanish NIV, and they don’t even agree. So don’t let anybody fool you into thinking, “Oh, there’s agreement with the modern, scholarly Bibles,” because there’s certainly not.

Jack: Boy, that’s a good thing to know.

And you know, one of the things I’ve thought of, is that if God has a Bible…

Now as you’ve commonly heard, and probably been taught the same thing in Sunday school and all the messages that we’ve heard, “Well, we know that the Bible was written in Hebrew in the Old Testament, and in Greek in the New Testament.” Whether or not all of that is true is another story. However, nonetheless, at the end of the day, we are on this side of the invention of printing. And there has to be one Book.

There has to be one language for that Book, so you can cross-reference something in the New Testament to something in the Old. Otherwise, everybody would have to know Hebrew, and everybody would have to know Greek. And have you ever noticed, that most of the time, somebody goes to school and they learn Greek. And then they’ll tell you, “Well, what the original language says is such-and-such.” And usually they’ll go “around the block” and it will turn out to be exactly what you heard in English. But nonetheless, I don’t see too many people doing that with Hebrew. Occasionally they’ll do that. But they really don’t know Hebrew.

God cares about His children. And He wants His children to have His Word. And that means it has to be one Bible.

Just like He created them male and female, and of the two He made “one flesh.” So of the two Testaments He made one Bible. And that’s what we need: one Bible, which you can hold in your hand, and which you can study and learn. And you can cross-reference a word from the New Testament and run it back to the Old and see how it was used in the Old. One thing I’ve noticed in modern versions is that the cross-references don’t work anymore.

Like for example (Mark 8:36), “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own” — what? “soul.” And yet, if you go check the NIV, I believe it may say that in the New Testament. But then in the Old, instead of the word “soul,” they say, and God “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Now I don’t know about you, but “soul” I get. “Being,” I’m not actually sure what that means.

All I do know is that they don’t match. And you can’t cross-reference the word from the New Testament into the Old. So there’s another one of the hidden dangers of new versions. The cross-references DON’T work.

10 thoughts on “Why should God’s Word be restricted to English?

  1. Where do you get it from that God “has to pick a language” and that God prepared another world language which “nobody can deny” is ” English”

    As one reason you give a very strange one , namely ” the preservation of the word” as if word can not continue to exist without the English language. All over the world more than 4000 languages are spoken. In some countries alone there are many languages spoken. For example in Belgium 67 languages are spoken and three languages are considered to be the main country languages: Dutch (Belgian Dutch), French (Belgian French) and German.

    When posing that English should be the only language for a Bible translation you leave out the millions of people who speak other languages. Are you seriously thinking that God only wanted English people saved?

    In several West-european countries the business language may be English, but still Spanish and Mandarin are more important and Mandarin is even gaining preference all over the world as the booming business language. More and more the Chines are gaining the field of having their language spoken all over the world.

    At the same time you do not seem to see that certain 1611 translations were not so correct and made subjects into names making many to believe it was a certain person and not a certain character. The same about “soul” which is a “being”, but perhaps does not fit your church doctrines, though we should keep to biblical doctrines and understand soul like in the original languages and like in other languages “soul” also being the essence of an element having life in him or her “ziel” / “soul” = “the being” and/or “a being” or a living being, and when translated as such not doing anything wrong against the original words of the ancient manuscripts written long before the KJV was composed in English.


    1. “certain 1611 translations”? Name one.
      “church doctrines”? modern translations CHANGE those doctrines. Why don’t you read my blogs ON the KJV instead of fighting me on this? Why don’t people translate the KJV into their languages? Now they use the so-called “reliable” manuscripts to translate their “bibles” into their languages. Do YOURSELF a favour and look up the videos from Chick Publications and LEARN more about this bible controversy.
      Have a blessed day. 🙂


      1. Our association prints three King James Versions as well being co-producer of other Bible translations, but that does not make us not blind to see the flaws of our own productions or certain translations. We must be realistic.

        You also did not reply about what for sort doctrines you have it.
        And why do you think it is better to re-translate than to translate directly from the original sources? when re-translating more faults can enter. Always better to go to the closest texts.


      2. You did not reply to your request all people all over the world having to speak English, which is even not the most widely spoken language on earth.

        It is not because in our Western world most people also learn English that the Anglo-Saxon can demand that the bible would only be correctly translated in their language, which would be taking out God’s Power to take care of His Own Words which are infallible in whatever language.


        1. It isn’t, never said it was. Its one of the accurate translations of the FIRST original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts of the Words of God; not the corrupted manuscripts modern day “bibles” are translated from. Read my articles on Westcott and Hort…..


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